My favorite feature that's becoming popular in fashion recently is easily the extra long sleeves trend. That should seriously be a filter option on the side of every online shop. Like, lemme just check a fucking box that ensures that my sleeves are gonna be at least 26 inches from the top of the shoulder to the cuff. Instead of stacks on your legs, let's do stacks on our arms, fam. I mean, it would really come in handy for the long-limbed like myself. Though, to be fair to the business casual sect among us, ridiculously long dress shirt sleeves are never a good look. But the combination of super long sleeves, interesting patterns and the color blue—the best color after black and grey if you even consider those colors—makes this Kapital long sleeve shirt a very covetable item. And, for Kapital, it's not all that expensive. Okay, it's still $225 for what is effectively a tee. I'm sorry, my taste level has risen so much it'll probably never come back down to earth. By the way, you catch that hidden pocket? You can barely see that shit it's camouflaged so well. Definitely the Seal Team Six of pockets.