The last time we wrote about a noragi from Four Horsemen, it sold out due to our influential reach and buying power. This time, be sure to click through to the newest installment in 4H's line of fire Japawear with the quickness because this black, crinkle-cotton noragi it is going to sell the fuck out. Again. This is one is in even more limited edition than the last. If this were a shelf of Turbo-Men during the holiday season of 1996, you would get punched in the face by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This noragi is handmade by a single tailor exclusively for Four Horsemen. I really shouldn't even type more out of fear that I'm going to miss out on the drop, but I must inform you that 4H added an interior chest pocket so you can store your Field Notes chock-full of all your precious social observations and Four Pins writing submissions. Keeping with the precedent of naming our product posts about noragis from Four Horsemen, this one is also named after a Based God mixtape. Respect the legend.