Your fantasy of waking up next to Cara Delevingne just got THAT much better, because the model went and got "BACON..." tattooed on her foot in honor of the most delicious of all breakfast foods. 

Delevingne posted the tattoo on Instagram last night, and it has already racked up almost 300k likes. This is just further proof that the easy-go-lucky Delevingne is the coolest model in the world. Any girl who loves bacon enough to permanently etch it on her foot is good in our book. It's especially admirable when a model, a career that is made up mostly of girls nibbling on celery sticks, has such an appreciation for the delicious, fatty cut of meat. 

Among making out with Michelle Rodriguez in the middle of the ocean, potentially taking on a lead role in Zoolander 2, and karate-kicking the paparazzi, Delevingne was already almost-perfect. This tattoo really sealed the deal, though. 

[via Instagram]