Fuccboi favorite that occasionally turns out the stray banger (like that flames Nomad collabo), Been Trill basically hijacked Bauce's idea for "Create-a-Hypebeast" mode as seen in Four Pins: The Video GameYou can now BYOFB, as in, build your own fuccboi, with your own signature Been Trill design thanks to the company's new custom tee site. In all honesty, this shit is kinda fire. I mean, custom, one of one tees from Been Trill for a scant $65? That's really not a bad deal. Surely, these dudes are about to make a million dollars off this nonsense if they haven't already

I've tried to get a single custom tee before and it's a real bitch to find a place that will do it for a good price. Of course, with this, you are relegated to using only the signature Been Trill signage. As to be expected, there's a lot of hashtags, computer script, drippy lettering and a whole lot of other Internet slang terms for you to plaster all over your new T-shirt. There's even a fucking America Online logo. If you're not feeling the creativity flowing through your veins, but still want a custom joint, you can just go ahead and cop a design made by another fuccboi, which is pretty cool in terms of supporting the fuccboi community writ large. Peep a few of the designs currently available above. Now get to fuccboi-ing.