Do you understand what it's like to get an email newsletter from one of your favorite stores, then immediately peruse the new product and pick out something to write about in 30 seconds because the taste level is so goddamn high at said store? Let me just tell you, it's fucking amazing. I mean, I saw this Ami belted cardigan when I was in Carson Street last week, but they hadn't put it online yet, so I've been anxiously waiting for them to officially throw it up so I can write about it. Then—BOOM—this afternoon the newsletter hits my inbox and I know exactly what I'm looking for. The process of finding it online may have only taken 30 seconds, but the larger conceptual workshopping took at least a few minutes. The level of luxe that this cardigan possesses may single-handedly convince me to buy another cardigan—something I haven't done in, like, over a year. This is no ordinary cardigan though. It's ginormous and has zero buttons, held together solely by a belt. One wrong step and your precious gennies will be flung out into the open air for all to see on some serious sex crimes shit. Wait, you're wearing this with actual clothes underneath? We are not on the same page, fam.