Hello, dawgies. It Me Again™. Sorry, I'm not actually dead. My life is mad busy because I'm not an unemployed philosophy graduate like you.

Have you ever tried to quit smoking? I'm trying right now and it's much more difficult than I anticipated. I decided to give the cold turkey approach a whirl, but apparently that's a shitty idea when you've been sparking up 10+ times a day since you were twelve (it's hard out here). Thus, I'. more hateful and short-tempered than usual, which is dope.

This Acne nylon jacket is ostensibly called the "Vince." Interestingly enough, Vince is also the name of the style icon from the popular animated television series Recess. Is this fire jacket referencing a fire character from a fire cartoon? Of course not. What are you? Fucking stupid? Products and legends not named after each other aside, I fucks heavily with this jacket. It has a detachable hood which transforms an already perfect piece of outerwear into the much sought after and very rare long bomber. Yep, this is end game type shit, fam. It's also grey. The color grey reminds me of cigarettes. FUCK.

Feel free to hang out in the comments and make fun of this guy's haircut and slippers btw.

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