Tomorrow marks Dover Street Market's 10th anniversary. A decade in the game is a long time for any fashion boutique, especially one as diverse and universally respected as Dover Street Market. From humble beginnings as a shop front for founder Rei Kawakubo's globally recognized Comme des Garçons label, the DSM brand now has locations in New York City, London, and Tokyo, and has grown to symbolize innovation and creativity within the diverse style spectrum.

“Beautiful chaos” is the ideology that Kawakubo injects into each and every Dover Street Market location, and is a philosophy that supports the alternative, creates a community, and counters the expected. It's this philosophy that goes on to affect everything found in the store, from the clothes on the racks to the staffers on the sales floor. Entering a Dover Street Market is like experiencing a gallery show and a several fashion house showrooms simultaneously—something that can only be described as by the original foundational belief.

If you've ever wondered why nearly everyone has paid homage to the genius of Dover Street Market and Kawakubo in the last decade, these are the 10 Reasons Why Dover Street Market Is the Best Fashion Boutique on Earth.