Stephan Schneider not only makes great clothing, but his pieces are sized just inaccessibly enough to deter basics out there from ordering online. Which means come sales season, you can usually find a few sizes left over. Seriously, I wear a V in one sweater, a IV in another and a V in an overshirt, which makes little to no sense. Props to you, Stephan. You are such a high-concept designer that I can't even wrap my head around my own sizing. Oh, true, maybe I'm the basic one. Either way, not too basic to buy this Schneider polo. The print looks like it would induce seizures if it weren't in such a brooding and subdued color palette. Good work again, Stephan. That's definitely a potential public health problem. But, what can I say? You have it on lock. The long placket is dope because the shirt feels more like a popover than a golf dad polo, though it also has weird spacing between the buttons—that second one is in straight up no man's land.