Why Sacai got to do us with little to no disposable income so dirty like this? Every time I see something from Sacai it's, "Oh, man, BET this is super fucking sick. Too bad I can't afford it because it costs, like, a bajillion dollars." Yep, it's pretty much the exact same situation with this quilted buttondown. So simple, so luxurious and so fucking expensive. Ugh, why must my taste level be so high? This Everest-like taste level is my cross to bear. My one true life goal is not to just own all these super duper fire clothing items, but to be able to sort every online store by "High to Low" the second the page loads. Unless someone is peeking over your shoulder while you shop, you're the only one who knows your ability to shop for the finest, most expensive goods. That is the most subtle flex of all time, kind of like this shirt. But the subtle flexes are the best kinds of flexes of all.