Super fine materials? Check. Non-obnoxious color-blocking? Check. Asymmetry? Check. The perfect applicant to be your go-to fall sweater? That's what a Marni knit does. Of course, a solid navy sweater with a substantial gauge lines the pages of every fashion mag when fall is imminent. It's a "can't miss," a "staple," an "essential." We get it. But every Wall Street bro will try to sidle up to a pretty dame at the bar with a navy sweater and white button-down underneath once the mercury dips below 60. See, that shows the honies they read GQ and get down with the common folk slumming it on Main Street USA as they thumb through a stack of hunnids to buy ten rounds of Fireball shots. Instead, you should be trying to attract the non-basics who appreciate the finer things in life. She'll see your bony forearms trying their hardest to fill out the grey blocks on this joint and think it's cute. She doesn't like "meatheads" or "bros," she says, and you are definitely neither. In fucking fact, you're such a non-bro that you copped a sweater made by a label with a Girls character name.