We're a pretty tight little squad over here at Four Pins. There's only a couple of us physically in the Complex offices and guys like Moy hold it down out there on an at-large basis. So, when everyone else files their posts, we here in the office get a little preview, which means we get to make observations about the things they're writing about even before you do. If you haven't realized, Moy is low-key an obsessive stalker for A Kind of Guise. Like, it's kind of weird and that fact is not lost on us. I get it though. Yeah, sure, we all go through phases and our tastes shift and mold, but the brand doesn't really turn out any real bangers, so it's kind of hard to cosign Moy's cosign. At least until I saw this double-layer oatmeal coat, which is a certified platinum-level banger and a half that would probably sell out on release day if that happened in the clothing world outside of Quickstrike Nikes and Supreme. You got two coats in one right here: the light outer shell and the wooly, flecked liner. Pop the liner out and you basically have a quilted A.P.C. jacket. It's like you bought two labels in one. And just like that you're a walking loaf of bread straight out the oven. Very toasty.