What. The. Fuck? Another Moksha article? Shut up, dawgies. Woolf has left the building, which means I'm left filling the void inevitably left by Moy when he fills that assistant overlord spot. No more "look at me I live in Detroit" shit. Moy's moving to the Big Apple. He'll forget what Detroit even is in, like, 3-4 weeks tops. You'll be stuck with me, Matt Rimer and that white kid who posted about durags that one time. Jokes on you. So yeah, maybe keep posting your thinly-veiled job applications in the comments section lol.

LOOK AT THIS HOMELESS ASTRONAUT COAT THOUGH. For only $1,700 you too can look like you're fresh off the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey. 2001 shouts to whoever decided to style this with sunglasses. They obviously understand the dangers that cosmic radiation poses to your retinas. To be honest, this shit actually does look cozy as fuck. I'd probably pair it with a pre-bed glass of warm milk.

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