A couple months ago we came to you, our faithful readers, on some real struglord shit asking for questions you wanted answered in our inaugural pages featured in the August issue of Complex Magazine. We appreciate all the fuccbois that came forward with the hard-hitters—it's highly evident we can depend on you fools for the questions that NEED answering. While we still haven't shaken that aforementioned struglord status since the first batch of questions isn't in print yet—on god it'll be out next month—we're crawling back to you. Since your problems have probably switched up since the last round, seeing as you've thrown out and/or burned all your gear, we need you to sack up and break us of with some more Q's.

Just got out of a long relationship and need to re-learn how to spit game at some fine honey dips? We gotchu covered.

Still haven't figured out how to keep things 100? We've got the remedy to turn your sweg up to 11.

What is an "alphet"? Get the fuck out.

Since we're here steady floating above the New York City skyline, and subsequently all the hating ass haters, we need you to inform us on the problems of the common man. So, you, yes you, swaggless individual, hit up the almighty hashtage influencer and Four Pins overlord at lawrences@four-pins.com with your problems, and, yo, we'll solve them.