Damn, we keep getting the shaft here in the U.S. when it comes to next level fast food offerings. You think a fucking waffle taco is mind-boggling? PEOPLE BEEN EATING SAUSAGES NEXT TO THEIR WAFFLES AT DENNY'S SINCE FOREVER. Expand your palettes, you heathens, so I can enjoy one of these chic as fuck black and white McDonald's burgers currently being offered in Asia. Mostly though, I just want to be able to pop a 'Gram where I allude to how slimming black looks on my burger, thus explaining how it can't be that bad for me. Something along those lines should cop me at least 50 likes. Truth be told though, That Food Cray reviewed these a while back and said they actually tasted like hot garbage. Whatever, I can deal as long as my burg matches my alphet.