Like many street artists, Eddie Colla makes it his mission to use city spaces as avenues for creative expression. In his view, too much of our public space gets taken over by major corporations and too little by the city’s inhabitants. Knowing Colla's philosophy made it especially ironic when Walmart tried to sell his piece as a Banksy work. In response, the artist created an awesome limited edition screenprint with Walmart’s logo that read, “Introducing the Anti-Establishment Left Wing Subversive Vandalism Collection.”

Besides his sense of humor, you can recognize most of Colla’s work through his monochromatic palette and his subjects. Most of them wear surgical masks over their faces or bandannas and look like runaways caught in the chaos of the city. One of our favorite works shows a girl with a bandana over her face and a spray can in hand next to the words, “If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission.”