When graffiti spread south from New York in the '80s, the art form struck hard on the streets of São Paulo. In Brazil's largest city, hip-hop's wild style mixed with native forms of wall writing, known as pixação, inspiring a generation of artists who employ a bold, graphic sensibility against the burgeoning concrete backdrop of the metropolis.

The unique blend championed by Brazil's pioneers, and those who followed, has made Brazilian street art a cultural export almost on par with the Seleção brand of free-flowing soccer. While the artist duo known as Os Gemeos has become an art world household name, Brazil's street-born talents don't end with the famous twins. Across North America and Europe, the artist's represented here have spread the gospel of Brazil and proven to viewers around the world that São Paulo is among the most important hotbeds of global street art.

These are the 10 Brazilian Street Artists You Should Know.

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