Being badass isn’t an actionable thing, though one can do actions that are badass. It’s not an emotion, though one can emote badassery. It’s a state of mind. It’s a chromosomal enhancement you’re born with. It’s an outward-facing aura that people recognize when they see it. History’s greatest badasses haven’t let popular opinion influence them because they themselves are the only influencer they need.

Well-known badasses have created their own lane in their respective fields. Whether it’s acting, music, politics, athletics, or hand-to-hand combat, but that doesn’t define them. Neither does what they wear. But what that does do is trigger others who want to be perceived as badass to absorb the style cues of their badass forefathers. Historically speaking, the biggest badasses are the biggest badasses for a reason, so you might as well try to absorb a thing or two from them in the style department. Why go hard when you can go HARDER? You know what I’m talking about. Here are 10 Style Tips You Can Learn From History’s Biggest Badasses.