Asphalt Yacht Club (AYC) drops its summer 2014 collection, inspired by the role music has played on NYC's underground scenes—from skaters (like brand founder Stevie Williams) to entertainers like 106 and Park's Bow Wow.

The lookbook is shot in various locations, from California to New York, showcasing the talents that live and thrive in their respective environments. The brand has an array of summer staples, focused primarily around AYC's "delta" logo. If you're looking for color versatility, look no further. Tie-dye stands right next to "tried-and-true" shades of black, gold, and red, filling out the color palette across the hoodies, tanks, tees, and snapbacks.

Williams states, "AYC is bringing some serious heat this summer with the new line. I feel that we've really stepped our game up and brought a diverse, original collection that covers a lot of ground and tells a dope story. It's a lot like the AYC skate team," Williams says. "It's got all types of influences, but the common bonds make it look great as a whole."

Grab your slice of the collection at Asphalt Yacht Club—no matter where your city is.