On Saturday at Coachella, Kid Cudi came on stage rocking an orange crop-top and the Internet broke. Of course, the annual two-weekend festival is a place where people rock their wildest shit possible, so it's not that outrageous to see artists also go very out there. But the stomach-baring shirt Cudder wore on stage simply took over social media. The reactions of course ranged the entire gamut, from pure hate to enthusiasm and love. Honestly, the most surprising part was the number of admirers who were in favor of Cudi taking a serious style risk. If you want a decent sampling of what people thought, then check out Twitter Reacts to Kid Cudi's Crop Top at Coachella. (How does Kid Cudi's Crop Top not have a Twitter account yet?)

Y'all acting like Kid Cudi in a crop top is revolutionary when Prince was rocking crops almost 30 years ago #please

— MYA | flower child ~ (@mixedupdame) April 14, 2014


Knowing Lord Jamar, I'll give it till Friday for him to have a interview up on HipHopDX or DJ Vlad crying over Kid Cudi wearing a crop top.

— Opie (@AyoCarl) April 14, 2014


The crazy shit is no one is really surprised Kid Cudi rocked a crop top & denim cut offs b.

— Alvin aqua Blanco (@Aqua174) April 14, 2014


Get to work, the servers are down. Am I going to google more pics of Kid Cudi's crop top while blasting BANG BANG BANG SKEET SKEET SKEET?

— Kristiń (@puffkrispy) April 14, 2014


Why the fuck did kid cudi wear a crop top

— Michael (@MykoolRobinson) April 14, 2014


Why? .... Kid Cudi in a crop top?? Why? How?? I'm confused?? Why?????????? pic.twitter.com/it1hZdmw2C

— S (@shokhjalal) April 14, 2014


Kid Cudi looked like a fool in his crop top

— Hot Mess (@ToyKen) April 14, 2014

WWKCIACTD (what would kid cudi in crop top do)

— Hannanah (@Hanhussain) April 14, 2014


kid cudi a thot for wearing a crop top to Coachella pic.twitter.com/7vkRdyibD5

— RUDE BOY (@phuckwitmebaby) April 14, 2014


Kid Cudi pulled off the CropTop better than some of our Thots. #NoHomo pic.twitter.com/O9jdKc5XV3

— Mann Mann (@_BishopSamy_) April 14, 2014

File this under #OutfitsYouCanOnlyWearAtCoachella RT @thefashionisto: Crop Top Alert! Kid Cudi at Coachella http://t.co/9pEF2VtUfA

— Whitney Mallon (@whitneymallon) April 14, 2014

wow kid cudi wore a croptop to coachella give it a couple of months and all guys will be doing that

— Kelvy Mansfield (@kelv_ichiban) April 14, 2014