When Dutch designer Ralph Vaessen needed a new pair of glasses, he went shopping. He scoured shops for the frames he had in mind, but couldn't find anything even remotely close. He decided to draw his own, took the design to a local atelier, and was so satisfied with the result that he went on to create a few more. Then, a whole line.

The finished product is shown above: Vaessen's fall 2014 collection of sunglasses, all handcrafted from natural horn in Germany, are unlike any other shades on the market. The Hubert style clearly shows Vaessen's reported Pierre Cardin influence, while the snakeskin guys look like the pair 2Chainz should be wearing on a regular basis. 

The collection is currently available at Barneys New York, Colette, 10 Corso Como and more. Shop the line here.

[via Ralph Vaessen]