Hood By Air just dropped this new video lookbook for their F/W 14 collection, and it's basically a series of those product videos on Mr. Porter edited together. Except, instead of expensive ass Euro shit, here you'll find leather straps, zippers and exposed man thigh—your typical HBA flagrant offerings. And, for the record, I would probably wear those straight jacket pants with a white T-shirt and Timbs if presented with the opportunity, so fuck you.

The knee jerk reaction when it comes to Hood By Air is to dismiss it as total and utter troll fuckery. While it's easy to see that HBA wants to provoke, it's only "provocative" insofar as it doesn't fit within the extremely limited view of contemporary men's fashion. But lots of things that seem radical at one point end up becoming commonplace. Back in the '50s it was considered unsavory when Brando wore a white tee in Streetcar and the same goes for James Dean's blue jeans in Rebel. I'm sure it scares a lot of people to think that they could, one day, be part of a world where Hood By Air's aesthetic is considered the norm (for the record, chances are it probably won't), but times change and those who resist typically turn up on the asshole side of things somewhere down the line. Honestly, when it comes to HBA, I think we need to quit the whining.