Designers are drawing a wealth of inspiration from tourists' style for the coming season - strappy, Birkenstock-like sandals, bucket hats, Blublocker shades and way too short shorts have recently started cropping up in spring lookbooks and collections. Even Jil Sander paid homage to that Raoul Duke-lookin' out of towner when she likened the vibes from her spring/summer 2014 line to an "accidental tourist."

Tropical print is already slated to be one of the defining looks from this resurgence in traveler wear, but the fickle pattern often toes the dangerous line between tight and doing too much.

AMI's botanical graphics are among the best prints we've seen yet - not too gaudy of a colorway and no cheesy images. The French brand has put this pattern on its snapback, skateboard and backpack, providing you with a seamless way to ease the tourist island look into your closet.

All three items are available here.

[via Oki-Ni]

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