Kinfolk Studios opened the doors to its first flagship store last week. The multi-tasking whiz kid collective that owns the bar/restaurant at 90 Wythe Ave. and famously puts on Dudes Sidewalk Sales has cut the red ribbon on a new spot two doors down.

The Kinfolk Store offers literature, grooming products, and menswear items from a range of on-the-come-up brands like AXS Folk Technology, Bedwin & the Heartbreakers, and its own Kinfolk 94 Wythe label. Pick up Deluxe goods, Bleu de Paname, and Maharishi there, too. 

If you're in Williamsburg, pay a visit to the store at Wythe and 11th. No word on whether the Sidewalk Sales will continue now that they've taken it indoors. 

[via Kinfolk]