A few weeks ago we wrote about the newest installment to the Louis W for A.P.C. collection. Now, an accompanying video has been released. Directed by Adrien Cothier, it basically depicts a couple of bros hanging out with some edgy, alternative type chick. Evidently, only one of these jabrones is getting down with her, so the other guy is definitely butthurt about having to hang out with them because there's literally nothing more disgusting than being the third wheel. The couple's wearing super dope jackets and the girl does an interpretive dance on the subway, which would be terribly obnoxious if she weren't so pretty and probably able to kick my ass if rubbed the wrong way (literally and figuratively). Really, I just want to know if people are really still using point and shoot video cameras. I feel like nowadays you've either got a DSLR or you just take slo-mo videos on your iPhone of birds and hope to catch 50 likes on the 'Gram. You can find Louis W for A.P.C. at A.P.C. stores and select stockists worldwide.