Bike shop and clothing brand Chari & Co. has teamed up with Japanese brand ID Dailywear for a completely waterproof sweatshirt. Yes, waterproof. The Multi-Pocket Advanced Sweatshirt was developed using an incredibly tight knit cotton and then treated with a nano silver technology procedure. It also has a pocket on the back with waterproof zippers (of course) and a velcro pocket on the chest, perfect for the upcoming rainy season, and if you're always pedaling on two wheels or just can't be bothered to carry a bag with you.

Now, the efficiency of the sweatshirt does decrease over time, but it can be easily recharged with just a wash. Can't get much simpler than that. Watch the video above to see just how waterproof Chari & Co's latest creation is.

The sweatshirt, priced at about $200, is only available in limited quantities, so head to Chari & Co.'s official site now.