The upsurge of sportswear in menswear and so-called comfy boy shenanigans have created a notable issue for those of us who have been wearing our crewnecks and sweats in public since being lazy existed.

Lounge wear prices are steadily rising, as high-end labels slap $500 tags on hoodies you could have sworn you saw at Kmart last week. Isn't there a set of comfortable cotton wears with modern design that doesn't require band-popping to cop?

The answer is yes, and it's heritage sportswear brand Champion's latest "Reverse Weave" collection. The four-piece capsule features a zip-up, crewneck, hoodie and sweatpants in either navy blue or grey. This style of sweatshirt's been around since Champion patented the design in 1952, but the structure is still unmistakably current.

The collection is now available at Champion's online store, as well as Oi Polloi and Present London.

[via Champion]