Brooklyn-based creative director Chris Rubino has taken a single photo every week for the past ten years of his life—that's dedication right there. For 500 consecutive weeks, Rubino snapped photos of everything and anything he found interesting, culminating in a project he calls Something I Saw This Week. His subjects range from quirky ads and people to ordinary street scenes and even seemingly mundane objects. But while some of Rubino's photographs may appear to portray unremarkable scenes from daily life, each photo represents something special to Rubino. The photographer has just released a book entitled 500 Weeks, which encapsulates the past 10 years of his life and reminds viewers not to lose touch with the world beyond their iPhones and digital cameras.

“This project really is about past moments and places, fleeting feelings,” Rubino explained to PSFK. “I want viewers to see certain images and also remember why that place or somewhere similar is special to them.”

One image that stuck out to Rubino, for instance, is a photograph of a Salvador Dali painting jammed into the crook of a dumpster in Denver. “To choose one that I feel like symbolizes the general energy of the project, this wonderful dumpster I found in Denver with a Dali painting does it,” he told PSFK. “The sadness, the humor, the general ridiculous quality of the whole scene.”

Order his book 500 Weeks, available on his website for $20, and click through to view some more images from his decade-long photo series.

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[via PSFK]