Jack Spade just released a short film made by professional surfer Mike DeTemple. Really, it's just a 6 minute video lookbook, but the cinematography is beautiful because if my astute visual sense hasn't failed me, it was shot on 16mm film instead of a Canon 7D (a la every video on the Internet ever). There's also crashing waves and Montauk and shit, and anyone can tolerate that for a few minutes even if you've got 3 other cat video tabs open and a Deadspin think piece you're going to read the first graph of and then send to all your friends on G-chat with the message: "such a gr8 read doe." I also thoroughly enjoyed the skruggle Bon Iver type vibes provided by the film's original score composed by one Nate Young. Ultimately, if you're into pretty things, community style dinner tables and khakis, then watch this video and maybe even buy some clothes from Jack Spade, because that's the point of this whole thing FYI.