A few years ago, in order for obscure Japanese brands to see American soil requirements included a bomb ass proxy, an accurate dollar-to-yen converter, and a translator. And unless you had the in on the Japanese blogs or a bookstore that sold rare magazines from the Far East, the likelihood of even hearing about some of the best brands were slim-to-none.

Now, much like food, sex, and the economy, the U.S. has gotten a stronghold of these once-obscure Japanese brands and damn near ruined them. Tons of shops are picking up the same brands no one heard about two years ago but are up on now, thus diluting that product exclusivity we all yearn for, hypebeast or not. But while Japanese brands have flooded the American marketplace, there are always more dope labels out there, and all it takes is a little digging. In case you forgot your mental/Internet shovel today, these are 10 Japanese Brands You Need to Know Right Now, and Where to Buy Them.

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