If you thought you were going to exit 2013 with your brain intact, WTAPS just destroyed that hope. The third and final delivery of its fall/winter 2013 collection at Haven Shop has pieces you didn't even know you were waiting for, and it's time to just give a resigned sigh and start purchasing.

As always, the Japanese label's gear maintains a minimalist approach that stays heavily inspired by vintage military and ivy prep garments. But each piece mixes in contemporary workwear elements so that you'll be wearing this shit 10 years from now. The extensive drop includes button-up shirts, jackets, sweaters, graphic tees, and sneakers. Not only does each piece look insane, but the collection keeps comfort at a premium with super-cozy materials.

The full collection is some serious heat, so make sure to browse the selection of gear online at Haven. And don't worry about cost, since you're about to cake with Christmas checks, right?

[via Haven Shop]