Enough of the tired, Raoul Duke-esque, tropical print, short-sleeved button downs.

If you're seeking an alternative to the well-worn blue Oxford, but don't want to get into a loud palm tree pattern that seems like it'll only match a pair of BluBlockers and a Pina Colada, Gitman Bros.' latest offerings are just the thing. 

The Ashland, Penn.-based brand that's coming up on 35 years in the menswear industry recently released a fresh line of button downs that change the game on prints. These slim-fit, rounded collar and hem, all-over stamped shirts made in the U.S. of 100 percent cotton feature wild floral arrangements, 1950s cartoon imagery, and, yes, bananas. The "Mon Chou Chou," a goofy, multicolored flowery mess, is our personal favorite, along with the "Tiger Tiger."

Check out the maney jumble above, now available to cop at Need Supply.

[via Gitman Bros. Vintage]