Wow so I perused my own private Internet mini mall (the 10 or so shops I check constantly for shit I will never ever buy) for maybe 12 seconds and found this Rick Owens hoodie that is 1000 billion times better than that "Greatest Hoodie Of All Time" shit. I wasn't even trying to find something next level and just stumbled upon this, which on its own truly illuminates the peasantry that is American Giant's bloated piece of garbagio. Dicky O came through like a king and straight served up a slightly longer zip-up style with bomber-style pockets. Does this have ribbed side panels like the supposed G.O.A.T. hoodie? Who gives a fuck? At this point if your tops aren't at least 11% longer than they were in the Dot Blogspot Era then you might as well be living in the Stone Age. I guess I'm also obligated to tell you this hoodie is roughly $1,400, but luckily that shit is irrelevant when we're throwing around "greatest".