Deer Dana just released this T-shirt which depicts the illustrated face of Larry David and that is stupendous. As a 20-something New York Jewish flavored person, I am basically religiously obligated to praise LD as a gawd. What, you wanna check my penis? I'm Jewish. Without Larry David, there would be basically be nothing to watch on TV when nothing else is on TV. So yeah, you could say this T-shirt is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. You think you've ever seen a better Larry David shirt? What are you, fuckin' nuts? Although it should be noted that because it's winter, you basically can only wear this T-shirt inside of your 82 degree home. Or maybe out to dinner with a friend and refuse some pie someone else buys for you. And if you spill anything on your new tee, then well, Larry taught us how to handle that too.