Julian Zigerli told Not Just A Label that "fun stuff" is what is at the core of Zigerli, citing modern technical influences as inspiration, as well. And it shows. 

The Zurich-based designer dropped the lookbook for his spring/summer 2014 collection, and there's nothing boring about it at all. Entitled "At The End of the World to the Left", a majority of the garments, down to the socks, have been laced with a print that resembles mixed watercolors—the work of artist Katharina Grosse. The pieces are loud, sure, but wearing a shirt or jacket on its own with black jeans or other neutral colors is a quick fix. Besides, there are other pieces in the collection that are bit more subtle. 

Pretty impressive for a designer who's only 20 years old. 

Stay tuned for the collection to drop in the upcoming months at the Julian Zigerli webstore.