As soon as I pitched this piece I realized that I had pretty much just volunteered myself to pilot a rocket ship into the center of the Internet Fuckboi Galaxy.

Everyone reading this already knows what Hypebeast is. It's a website. It has a bunch of content. It covers brands, music, film and pop culture. There's really nothing that unusual about it, that is until you scroll down into the comments. Once you pop into the comments section any human with basic reading and writing capabilities can see that there is no sadder subculture of digital fuckery than Hypebeast commenters.

These dudes are basically coked up 12-year-olds that play Xbox Live, but instead of talking shit about Call Of Duty, they're talking about sneakers. These ignorant trolls are under the impression that their arguments will decide the fate of humanity or maybe even influence the brands in question to heed their superior fashion advice. Out of what is virtually an unlimited supply of wildly flagrant nonsense I found these 15 stand out gems. Be prepared. This is not for the faint of heart. Shit's about to get really real.

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