We previewed Eddie Huangs's new clothing collection, Monica Monroe (not affiliated with the porn star of the same name), a while back and now the official S/S 14 lookbook has emerged. Eddie models his creations alongside professional troll Fat Jew, as the two act wild reckless a la The Big Lebowski. One would assume that's the only option when you're sporting American Flag sweatsuits and head-to-toe zebra print. Like, your ass isn't taking any business meetings in one of these suits unless your business meetings happen to take place in a Ying Yang Twins Cribs episode. But for getting up on a Sunday after a night that ended with a bacon, egg and cheese at 4am? Sure. According to Eddie, Monica Monroe is best for "SAVAGE MEN LOOKING TO SPREAD BENIGN HPV." Yeah, he sent over a couple of headlines that we took under advisement. Look for Monica Monroe at Reed Space, Bodega and Ambush, though, if he could have it his way, this shit would be in Ross. Alas, "THEY HATIN CAUSE TOO MANY TAIWANESE PEOPLE MAKIN CLOTHES RIGHT NOW."