Dublin's Dog Eat Dog just dropped a crazy—literally—fall/winter 2013 collection. Inspired by psychiatric facilities in the '70s, the small collection follows though with the brand's macabre, avant-garde aesthetic (even the name turns into "D.EA.D" when abbreviated). 

Usually when you picture psychiatric facilities, the first thing that comes to mind is a straitjacket. There's none of that here, but the four available items are just as insane(ly good). Each piece is made with high-quality wool, and the line-up utilizes a monochromatic black and white scheme. Designer Oisín Hunt took it to the next level by adding deconstructed hems to each item to reflect the mental patients at the facility and provide a unique touch that you unfortunately don't see too often.

For those who are unaware, D.EA.D was founded in 2011, but started tackling menswear just last year with the release of its spring/summer collection. It's only been a short time then since it's been on the market, but if they can do shit this dope in such a short amount of time, they definitely deserve everyone's attention.

If you've thought about giving straitjackets a try, like these celebrities, this is probably a better option. The entire D.EA.D collection is available now on the Dog Eat Dog website.