I don't know if they're one of our advertisers or not, but Budweiser is great. Let me rephrase that: Beer, in general, is great, and while there are beers I may like better than a cold Bud Heavy, if someone hands me one I'm not going to turn it down because I'm not a monster. Another reason Budweiser is great—Budweiser UK to be specific—is that they're making these Christmas sweaters to promote designated driving. Basically, they've somehow rigged a knitting machine to Twitter (dude, I don't know how this shit works either), so that when someone tweets the hastag "#jumpersfordes", the machine will craft a Budweiser branded jumper (what we call "sweaters" here in the good ol' USA). Then, starting today, fans can enter their names into a raffle to win one of these sweaters that they will undoubtedly not want to wear because although designated drivers are 100% a good idea, at the end of the day, no one wants to fucking do it. The sweater even comes with matching holiday packaging, which we imagine your friends will make you carry around just to be extra big jerks about it because philanthropy is for nerds.