I'm not that familiar with Thom Krom, but I am about to be thanks to this T-shirt. Plus, his dude's sounds like he could be a detective on CSI: Des Moines or some shit. At this point, if your T-shirts aren't exposed at least 5 inches past your shirt or sweatshirt hemline then you might as well be wearing a belly shirt, fella. While beginners may be satisfied with lengthy Uniqlo undershirts (my personal secret weapon), once you're really ready, you need to consider dipping your toes in the deep end of the rare hemline pool. Wearing rare hemlines might feel uncomfortable at first, but once you rock them a few times it will start to feel perfectly natural. It's like the age old saying goes, "Once you go rare hemlines, you never go back to swagless, regular length, straight hemmed T-shirts from Hanes."