Good news everyone! While a large number of our readership has been riding that futuristic wave for at least several minutes now, be prepared for the best nostalgia trip ever as New York is officially playing host to the second branch of burgeoning Hong Kong-based menswear haberdasher The Armoury.

With a cult following unprecedented since a bunch of hairy dudes decided Manson was the sole, true anti-Christ, the men’s shop will open their newly minted doors on the 10th of December at 168 Duane St. (between Greenwich and Hudson). With trunk shows by artisanal trou king, Salvatore Ambrosi, and a visit from everybody’s favorite Austrian shoemaker, St Crispin’s, this is bound to be an event that makes all the measured and distinguished noise a store of The Armoury’s caliber strives for. While NYC already has its fair share of homegrown heroes—Paul Stuart, Martin Greenfield, etc.—the city has sorely lacked the trunk show service model an institution like The Armoury brings to the table. With huge names like Liverano and Koji Suzuki under its well-conditioned belt, devotees of more classical men’s clothing have a lot to be excited about in a city already teeming with retail destinations of critical distinction. Brace yourselves, because the luxe is coming.