The pom-pom beanie is alive and well for fall.

Maybe you've seen fools wearing those Mitchell and Ness jawns repping their favorite NHL team, or perhaps some dudes rocking WESC and Vans hats like they're fresh off the slopes. It's clear folks are seeking some colorful alternative to the all-black knit cap that has become a staple for the wintry months. 

Looks like Wish ATL and New Era are two of those folks. On Saturday, the coveted hat company and Atlanta-based store released a piece from their cap collaboration that's got a bright, all-over rainbow tie-dye print, along with the signature New Era and Wish insignias on either side. 

You might experience some trepidation upon first glancing at this creation. You might be thinking that you have an ice cube's chance in hell of figuring out how to wear it. It's got a rainbow pom poking out of the top like a fuzzy Alfalfa. And it looks like a damn kaleidoscope. It looks like one of those t-shirts you can buy from a stand on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, Calif. for 10 bucks. 

But cast those questions aside, and simply cop, for this beanie will be a rare piece for the coming months. It'll provide a pop of color for your monochrome fit, or, if you prefer to pull a wear-what-I-want-fuck-what-you-say Curren$y move, mix the tie-dye with some camo, or a bright orange accent. Don't doubt yourself. 

[via Wish ATL]