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Era: Streetwear B.C.

"This Stussy tee, which in many people’s opinion is the grandfather of American streetwear. It's sort of the forbearer of it. A lot of young people don’t even know that Stussy is an actual person. But there’s a gentleman by the name of Sean Stussy who crafted surfboards, and he still does that to this day. He would just tag those surfboards with this tag that is sort of such a staple now. He made tees just to complement his surfboard business.

"Those hand-made tees in the beginning were what spawned streetwear. When he was doing it some 35 years ago, there was no street culture per se. It was just surf, and hip-hop was just beginning. I mean can you imagine that, just saying that hip-hop was just beginning? Its crazy! But hip-hop was just beginning, surf was there, and punk was there, which I believe was one of Sean's direct infelunces. So this is really where it all began, it's crazy."