London designer Charlie Casley-Hayford recently styled Antony Morato's fall/winter 2013 collection for Dazed Digital, and the entire experience was turned into this cool and completely shoppable video. 

The video itself was inspired by the narrative of a traveller who wanders London and gets lost in his own thoughts, which Casley-Hayford says is something he thinks most people can relate to—including himself. "The film is very much based on my personal interaction with London," he told Dazed Digital. "I'm a wanderer and a slow one at that. Because I'm 6ft 6 I don't naturally make eye contact with a lot of people when I'm on a crowded street, more often with the top of their heads, so I find it quite easy to zone out while I'm listening to some Pusha T." 

For those who don't know, Antony Morato is an Italian designer who's known for his nomadic references, and mix of clean tailoring and rugged layers. 

If you like what you see in the clip above, just hover your cursor over the garment and you'll be directed to the webshop

[Video via Dazed Digital]