Terry Richardson is one of the most well known photographers of our time, and that's mostly because he shoots incredible candids of the rich and famous, most recently Pharrell, the Hilton sisters, and Miley Cyrus. Richardson's raw and in-your-face style has become almost as recognizable as the glasses and plaid shirts he is never seen without. The New York-based photographer has shot everyone from President Obama to porn stars, but his subjects do not stop there. Uncle Terry is also known for taking his camera to the streets when he captures gritty images of American culture, aiming his lens at street signs, buildings, and graffiti. By recording American signage, he looks less like he's working for Playboy and more like Ed Ruscha with his unpretentious documentary lens. Check out The Coolest Terry Richardson Street Photographs From This Year to see what his powerful street photography is all about. 

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