The Burkman Bros, Ben and Doug (and Greg aka "Pepper") are genuine dudes. People say that shit about designers they want to be friends with all the time, but I'm already friends with them, so there's that. I think most people would agree that this collection, crafted in collaboration with Barneys, is a pretty strong capsule of knitwear. These are items that "stand apart, without standing out," which is something I learned during one of my internships. The hoodie with the feather print is the perfect item for when you want to a give a subtle nod to your appreciation of the natural world without being a dick about it. It's the difference between being a vegetarian and being the dude that gets invited to dinner only to then announce he's not eating because—oh wait—he's a vegetarian and the pinto beans were cooked in bacon. Plus, the model looks like Struggle Thor. Look for this stuff in stores now and online early next week.