I don't know that much about Stephan Schneider except that his first name is spelled exactly how a fashion designer would spell their first name. It's unique and people who don't spell their name like him probably get pissed when he spells it out. "That's s-t-e-P-H-A-n," is probably how he emphasizes it. Really, those people are just mad that their parents are simps and didn't have the balls to spell their name in a cool way. His clothes are kind of the same in that respect. They don't look like anything else I've ever seen, they just look good. There's interesting silhouettes, unique fabrications—um, silk tunics, anyone?—while some of the pants seem to be fastened in interesting ways, like drawstrings where you wouldn't expect drawstrings. And don't forget to throw some cholo buttoning in the mix for good measure because this is the year 2013. I bet some fashion designer somewhere named Steven is reading this right now all upset and shit like, "I'll never be good good enough!"