Cap. Hat. Lid. Fitted. Whatever you want to refer to it as, the New Era 59FIFTY is as iconic an accessory as any—on the field and off. While baseball players are required to wear them, some people treasure them as if they must do the same, as if they would feel naked without that style symbol on top of their dome piece. And with the age of social media, the bond you can establish with total strangers on the topic is growing exponentially.

With this constant rise in New Era fanatics, there are a handful of collectors who stand out and lead the pack through their Instagram accounts alone. Some of which have even formed a tight-knit group called CrewEra13, dubbed by New Era themselves, featuring a new cap every day of the year or just dropping gems you’ve never seen. These individuals set the precedents for cap collecting and are leaders of the new era. Get ready to marvel as you check out the 10 Headwear Honchos You Need To Follow On Instagram.