Women are the reason us men are alive. They are the most beautiful creatures to have ever roamed the earth. Some men go to the ends of the earth to find the right woman to share their love and make life meaningful. We go through a lot of bullshit to impress a woman. We take them out on nice dates. We talk about politics. We straight up beg for the nookie. Why? Because they know we are simple-minded beasts that, if prompted, will sit, roll over and literally beg for it.

But there are some things that shouldn't be compromised when it comes to trying to court a woman. Your personal style should be at the top of that list. A garment suggestion here or there? Okay, sure. We can also handle an occassional "I don't really like that on you." But a complete style overhaul? Fuck that. You've worked too hard to establish what feels right on you to let a woman dictate whether it's right or wrong. You've been thinking it, we're just willing to say it. This is Why Men Shouldn't Care What Women Think About Their Style.

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