One of the biggest names in fashion can't even pin down how old he is. Even though Karl Lagerfeld is believed to be celebrating his 80th birthday by two of the Internet's titans of knowledge, Google and Wikipedia, past reports and interviews with the German designer present different data.

If you're sticking by Wikipedia, Lagerfeld was born in 1930. However, in an interview with The Telegraph, he claimed he was born in 1938. If you read his interview with Paris Match, he also claims to be born in the year 1935.

According to Lagerfeld, his mother found it "easier to write a 3 or an 8," and she "changed the date."

While we've heard of people being "born again," we don't think that applies in this situation. Either way, we don't think that age is a factor in his work—it's impossible to conceive that Lagerfeld has plans to ever retire. No matter how old the designer is, we hope there's many more to come.

[via Refinery29]