Simon Miller is one of those brands I learned about in my #menswear infancy and then totally forgot about for no apparent reason. Their jeans are still top quality and feature a host of really nice and not Euro-looking washes, so I don't know why I threw them to the curb like that. I'll take responsibility for that one. My B. Simon Miller are back on the Four Pins digital radar having just crafted three hand-distressed and frankly, fucking awesome looking jeans for Bergdorf Goodman that are hitting stores this Wednesday, October 2nd. If this write up seems like a major endorsement of Simon Miller, as if I'm trying to get a free pair of these jeans, just know that it absolutely is. However, take solace in knowing that shit never happens anyway. Plus, there's only 10 pairs of each being made, which means even if I tried to actually buy them I probably wouldn't be able to anyway because I just influenced at least 30 people to pick these up, conservatively speaking.